Who Uses Organic Rug Cleaning Services?

Sometimes when you hear the word organic, you imagine that the person asking for it eats only raw foods, wears Birkenstocks, and wishes it were still The Summer of Love. But, no. The organic rug cleaning customer is anyone in any demographic, who wants to safely clean their floor coverings. They know that non-eco-friendly cleaning can be hazardous to the environment and bring toxins into their homes, which can lead to health problems, as well as shorten the fabric’s life and cause fast fading of colors. 


Think about it. Who wouldn’t want their home to be safe; to be able to allow a baby or pet to play freely on the carpet without the risk that an embedded hazardous chemical might rub off on them or worse, end up in their mouths?



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We’ve told you who, now here’s the why of organic cleaning.

Area rugs act like an air filter, collecting dust and dirt particles in their fibers. They need to be cleaned properly. The best way is with our eco-friendly, organic wash process, which uses purified soft water that is free of minerals like chalk, lime, calcium and magnesium.

Soft water performs much more effectively.  Soap lathers better, fabrics are left supple, and most importantly, soft water will prolong the life of your rugs. A green rug cleaning improves the air quality of your home as well, leaving you and your family in a healthier environment.

Ours is a thorough process that applies gentle pressure using a computer-controlled system, which automatically adjusts for varied rug piles or thicknesses. Rinsing and cleaning take place at the same time to avoid oversaturation, and fringe is always hand washed.

We remove the majority of moisture content immediately in our proprietary pre-drying system. The last stage of drying takes place in a fully enclosed, custom engineered, and temperature controlled drying room, which produces ideal filtered air drying conditions, with no allowance for growth of mold or bacteria.


Ready for Your Rugs to Go Organic?


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