Hiring a Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Some area rug owners wait until a guest spills red wine, a new puppy does his business, or until they can actually see the dirt rising to the surface of their floor covering. These people end up being very sorry that they didn’t take better care of their investment.

RevitaRUGS’ long-term customers are diligent about upkeep. We do get a lot of calls from potential customers though, asking us, “What the rule is.” Generally, your rugs should be thoroughly (aka professionally) cleaned at least once a year and, for many households, twice a year. Industry guidelines and EPA recommendations vary on this though depending upon the amount of foot traffic in your home, the presence of pets, or your home’s HVAC system.

The EPA has also concluded that repeated exposures to allergens such as pollen, pet dander, molds and bacteria can cause or increase sensitivities, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems, including asthma. If you or a family member suffers with any of these issues, you really need to also consider not just a professional cleaning, but a “green clean” with eco-friendly products, whose ingredients will not add to the pollutants, as chemical cleaners certainly will.

We also highly suggest that you do not “spot” clean on your own. Home remedies, such as an Internet favorite: the vinegar and water concoction can only make your problem worse. You want to seek professional area rug cleaners in these cases as well.

Any luxury item needs to be maintained to assist in its longevity, just as you bring your Lexus in for a tune-up; you need to do the floor-covering equivalent by consistently calling in the experts.

Ready To Professionally Clean Your Area Rug?

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