When to Hire a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Service – A Quiz

  • When that stain’s been there so long, you’ve begun to see it as a decorative element in the area rug’s design?
  • When you can no longer convince yourself that your beige rug is now a light brown because “that’s what happens when you’ve had a carpet for a long time”?
  • When the fringe is so dirty, you’ve forgotten it was almost white when the rug was new?
  • Or perhaps when it still looks dirty even after you’ve vacuumed?

No. Calling a professional area rug cleaner isn’t a last resort. It should be part of your routine maintenance care. Industry guidelines and EPA recommendations vary depending on a lot of factors: from the amount of traffic, to the presence of pets, to your home’s HVAC system. Generally, your rugs should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and, for many households, twice a year.

Of particular concern is your rug’s exposure to bacteria, viruses, animal dander and saliva, dust, mites, bugs, and pollen. Central air systems are a favorite breeding ground for mold and mildew, in particular.

You’ve invested in your rugs, and of course the health of your family, so it’s time to invest in a relationship with the best in rug cleaning services.

Contact revitaRUGS for Professional Area Rug Cleaning.

Our technology may be new, but gentle, effective rug cleaning goes back in our family for decades beginning in Italy. Today, we’re proud to bring Europe’s most celebrated way to keep rugs beautiful to your neighborhood.

Here’s a typical rug’s journey through our organic wash process: It is thoroughly inspected and photographed using high-density cameras. The fibers are inspected under a digital microscope to identify pollutants and foreign material. The rug then goes through a dusting machine with special filtration to prevent dust particles from resettling back into the rug.

The soaps we use are mild, perfume-free and dye-free. We only use soft water, which is laboratory filtered. It’s applied with the exact amount of pressure using a computer-controlled system that automatically allows for varied rug thicknesses. Cleaning and rinsing take place at the same time to avoid oversaturation, and fringe is hand washed.

The majority of moisture content is removed immediately in a pre-drying stage. The rug is brushed with a precise pressure-controlled brushing machine. The last stage of drying takes place in custom engineered drying rooms, which produce ideal drying conditions, with no allowance for mold or mildew. After drying, fringes are checked and the rug is inspected for any necessary repairs according to customer requests. A final inspection takes place in which the rug is photographed and another round of automatic pressure controlled brushing brings it back to life.

Ready To Professionally Clean Your Rug?

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