When The Mood Strikes

Mood rugs are among the most beautiful and detailed carpets from Iran. They are a select group of extremely rare and fine quality carpets from the Mashhad area that usually consist of a fairly thick pile with an intricate all-over Herati pattern. However, since the wool in this area comes from sheep that pasture in low elevations, it does not last as long as high quality wools. The best wool comes from herds in high mountain ranges, where the food supply is plenty and the sheep produce more lanolin (natural oils) to keep warm, resulting in wool fibers that are long, strong and have a gorgeous texture.

Mood rugs are world-renowned for their unique style and extreme smoothness, as well as luster and softness, because of the soft quality of their wool and silk. The majority of Moods are woven using Persian or asymmetrical knots. Their beautiful weavings go with almost any decor, such as Traditional, Sheraton, and Queen Anne, and have the unique quality of making a room appear bigger by giving it more depth.

Based on cotton, with a soft, fine woolen pile, Mood designs are fairly distinctive. Traditionally they use a sunflower medallion in the center with intricate curvilinear or floral patterns in the field. Mood rugs and carpets come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet). Dark red, brown and powerful blue colors predominate, with ivory forming a beautiful contrast. There are other colors such as soft green in newer carpets.

Mood Rug

Bit of history

Mood rugs attained their value by decree of the 17th century Persian Safavid Emperor, Shah Abbas I, who not only arranged the building of the fortresses in this region, but also retained the original Persian design styles and knot techniques.

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