What Defines an Authentic Oriental Rug?

When making an investment in high-end “floor art,” the last thing you want is to have the rug pulled out from under you.  Be aware of the common misuse of the term “Oriental rug” as a generic label for nearly any variety of patterned carpeting.

The first thing you need to know is that a true Oriental carpet will almost always be referred to as: “hand-knotted” or “hand-woven” – not “hand-tufted” or simply “handmade”. 

It’s piled or flat woven fabric (no genuine Oriental rugs are made of nylon or polypropylene) originates from one of the traditional weaving areas of the Middle or Far East. There are some European handmade rugs as well such, as Savonnerie and Aubussons.

 You know it’s a real Oriental rug if:

  • The design is the same — front and back. 
  • If it has a pile, you will see the knots in the back
  • There is no absolute perfect symmetry is design, unlike the machine made copies.
  • The fringe is part of the foundation (weft & wrap) of the rug, extending out on each end. Machine made rugs have pre-made fringes (like a strip) that are sewed on the end ends.

Day-to-Day Care:

Since you don’t live in a museum, spills will happen. Wine, juice or any other liquid, the best solution is to use a white cloth or paper towels to remove access fluids right away. Blot liquid gently and do not rub. Add some water to dilute the stain and tab and remove the access liquid again. The idea is dilution, repeat the steps. Do not attempt to use any advertised “gimmicks” or home remedies on your valuable handmade rugs. All you will be doing is an addition of a different chemical to the mix. Contact your oriental rug cleaner and let them handle the stain.

You should vacuum your rug often–both front and back side. Avoid the fringes by vacuuming along the side; you will damage the foundation of your handmade rug when fringes are pulled.

Rotate your rug regularly, foot traffic and furniture marks can cause discoloration and permanent stain. Beware of sun exposure, photo oxidation causes permanent fading of your rug’s vibrant colors and can be very costly to repair.

Long-Term Preservation

A genuine hand-knotted Oriental rug should last a couple of lifetimes. To preserve your oriental rug for the next generation and beyond, you should take it to an oriental rug cleaning company for professional cleaning and restoration on an annual basis.  Only a professional NYC rug cleaning company could perform a thorough cleaning and extending the life of your rug.

Contact RevitaRUGS for our Organic Oriental Rug Cleaning

With revitaRUGS’s oriental rug cleaning method, a proprietary air-filtered dust removal first cleans and removes loose dirt and debris.  Our water is micro-filtered soft water and paired with gentle organic soaps. This thorough washing process applies light pressure using a computer-controlled system, which automatically adjusts for varied rug piles or thicknesses. Rinsing and cleaning take place at the same time to avoid oversaturation. Fringe is hand washed. The majority of moisture content is removed immediately in our proprietary pre-drying system. The last stage of drying takes place in our fully enclosed custom engineered temperature controlled drying rooms which produce ideal filtered air drying conditions, with no allowance for growth of mold or bacteria.

After drying, fringes are re-checked and the rug is inspected for any necessary repairs or requests. A final inspection takes place in which the rug is photographed and given another round of automatic pressure controlled brushing, before it is packed with care for delivery.

Ready to clean your Oriental Rug?

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