Nicknamed the “Rug Spa” by The Design Icon Clodagh

We Detox Your Area Rugs

Revita is beyond traditional rug washing. Revita revitalizes rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains and odors.

No harsh chemicals. In fact, Revita removes the toxic residue left by previous rug cleaners and gently strips away the brittle calcium deposited in your rug by the hard water they used. Our entire wash process utilizes purified soft water via a Multi-level industrial filtration system installed by Culligan NJ. Soft water is key in the proper cleaning of all area rugs, it does not fade the vibrant colors of any fiber and leaves them naturally soft.

The technology we use to remove germs, bacteria, and uric acid is without the use of any so called “enzymes” or harsh chemicals. In fact; our proprietary process is safe even on baby’s skin. Today’s scientific advances offers new and effective solutions, revitaRUGS has chosen to invest in what is right and healthy for all.

A revitalized rug is softer, richer and healthier than ever before. Utterly clean. You’ll smile when you see and feel the difference.

Our processes are based on decades of hands-on experience in traditional rug cleaning methods combined with new scientific advances. Orientals rugs, persian carpets, silk rugs, antique rugs, tapestries to attic finds, are all cleaned and repaired by our master artisans on a daily basis.

Miraculously, Revita costs about the same as traditional rug washing. But technology is always like that, isn’t it? Giving us safe, affordable solutions that were impossible only yesterday.

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Hamid Zarei and Azita Goldman

PS – All types of rug repairs including: Rug patching, weaving, re-dyeing and re-fringing are performed daily by our master conservators. Inquire about our stain protection, its safe and effective. Your rug is in expert hands with Revita.