TRUE RUG STORIES: Removing Wine Stains

The setting: An upscale dinner party. The cast: Two couples. There is lively banter back and forth. Delicious gourmet food consumed. The fine wine flowed. As the four friends toasted each other, the husband of the guest couple was reminded of a funny wine-related story. “Not that funny,” added his wife as she nudged him. It seems they owned a luxurious white rug that ended up looking like an entry in a Rorschach test after, “a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon made its way out of the Waterford goblet onto the floor.” They and their company threw salt over their shoulders and onto the stain for a dual purpose: generating luck for removing wine stains on rugs, as well as absorbing the wine itself.

FYI: Wine is not snow. Salt is not the answer. Also, these people needed more than luck.

If this were to happen to you, no matter what the color of your rug or year of the wine — first call revitaRUGS.

Wine stain on a rug

Rug Cleaning and Wine Stains

To clean your wine stained rug, you’ll need some paper towels and cold water. We urge you not to use household cleaners or chemicals to pretreat the stain, as anything other than water to dilute the wine will set the stain further into the rug fibers.

When removing wine stains, make sure to blot the excess liquid to reduce the density by gently dabbing the paper towel directly over the stain. Do not rub the area and make sure you keep using a new paper towel as you continue to soak up the liquid. Add a tiny amount of cool – not hot — water to the spot and repeat dabbing. This dilution process is breaking down the different acids in the wine. The wine stain should now be getting lighter in color. (If colors run — darker colors bleed into lighter areas — due to the addition of the water, don’t be concerned as we can fix it easily.)

Even if your hard work and diligence seems to have removed the entire stain, don’t be fooled. It is a surface clean. Wine stains on rugs can be buried deep, along with smells and the potential to attract insects and for bacteria to grow. The rug needs a professional’s expertise.

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