TRUE RUG STORIES: Food-Stained Rugs

Lorraine returned home to find her living room area rug could now double for a Jackson Pollack painting. Food was splattered all over it, creating an interesting abstract design, as well as a huge mess. There are few things more heart breaking than a food-stained rug. If this has happened to you, professional rug cleaning might be your only hope.

Lorraine’s Food-Stained Rug Ordeal

It seemed that even though the rule of the house was NO EATING IN THE LIVINGROOM, her husband, Neil, had allowed their five-year-old daughter, Meg, to have her dinner of mashed potatoes, green beans and Salisbury steak in front of the television; ketchup, being Meg’s favorite condiment, was in abundance as well.


“I don’t care who cleans this up; all I know is it’s not going to be me,” Lorraine said, as she turned on her heels and walked right back out the front door.

She returned an hour later satisfied to find the food spill gone and the carpet looking clean again.

However, looking clean and being clean are two different things. Despite Neil’s valiant efforts, Lorraine should have called revitaRUGS. Although your rug may appear to be clean, what it may harbor deep in its fibers can seriously impact the health of your home and family.

RevitaRUGS offers quality area rug cleaning services that will combat even the worst stain. We’ve engineered a process that not only deep cleans rugs of all kinds, but does it in a way that systematically removes the debris using the mildest soaps and the purest water possible. It’s eco-wise, nontoxic, as well as kid- and pet-friendly. From museum-quality Persians to attic finds, our process restores, refreshes, and revitalizes.

Ready To Clean Your Food-Stained Rug?

Food-stained rugs make even the nicest rooms unsightly. Get your fast, free, no-obligation quote from one of our revita experts today at the premier NYC revitaRUGS. We are New York area rug cleaners with a long and proven history of success and quality service. Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or fill out our contact form.