The Three R’s: Repurpose. Restore. RevitaRUGS.

The Three R’s: Repurpose. Restore. RevitaRUGS.


Pillows and benches and ottomans, oh my. These – and many other items – are made out of Oriental rug remnants and might prompt you to say, “How creative!” If you then find out that the rugs were repurposed after they were worn out or stained in some way, you would probably shout, “Bravo,” to those who don’t believe in waste.

RevitaRUGS would have to agree with you, as we are dedicated to making the world a little cleaner, a little greener, and much healthier with our Green Clean process, as well as our personal commitment to recycling in our offices and   Rug Restorationplants.

However, first and foremost, we are dedicated to rug repair and restoration. We believe that before anyone declares their soiled rug a lost cause, revitaRUGS should first be consulted.

Most common reasons to repair a rug are:

  • Unraveled fringes
  • Border damage
  • Worn out fiber
  • Moth holes
  • Tears
  • Decaying and decomposing fiber

We would suggest that you let our master conservators work their magic: patching, weaving, re-dyeing, and re-fringing to restore almost any rug to its original beauty.

Rug Repair

But just as important as their skill during a repair or restoration is their assessment of a rug before they begin. Our inspection process uses both the expert eyes of our repair team, as well as the latest technologically advanced microscopes and cameras to verify a rug’s condition and define our course of action.Rug Cleaning

Compared to most rug repair companies, which use more guesswork than science, revitaRUGS’ services not only restore, but protect a rug from start to finish.

Although materials such as wool, silk or cotton will naturally decompose over time, your rug can last a lifetime if properly cleaned by professionals.



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