The Benefits of Hiring an Organic Carpet Cleaning Company

The difference between chemical and organic rug cleaning isn’t just black and white; it’s green.

What can you get when your rug cleaners use outdated commercial carpet-cleaning solutions that contain mainly noxious man-made chemicals? To quote Pepto-Bismol: “Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.” Not to mention dizziness or allergic reactions. With continuous use, perhaps down the road, their noxious process can cause respiratory problems including asthma, or even have a carcinogenic effect.

These chemicals remain in your rugs, and get into the air. They can be easily ingested by kids who are playing on the floor, your pets, and the elderly with respiratory problems. Apart from the on-site health threats, these chemicals may pollute the local groundwater once disposed of down your drain.

Here’s what you get when you choose organic rug cleaning: mainly plant-based, instead of the chemical-based, carpet cleaning solutions with no toxic residue and fumes that protect the environment and your own health.

Besides that:

  • Organic rug cleaning combined with our soft water system will not fade colors. In fact, it aids in the removal of previously embedded crystalized salts (soap scum) from any previous wash and, make colors more vibrant and naturally softens the rug.
  • Natural and green detergents will not degrade the fibers in your carpet, contributing to premature aging and wearing them out as chemicals can.
  • Eco-friendly methods with soft water need far less soap and use an appropriate amount of water. This lessens the unnecessary soaking of your rug, which can cause many problems, such as color run (when darker colors bleed into lighter areas) and bacterial growth.

RevitaRUGS Offers Organic Rug Cleaning Services

Revita cares about a cleaner, greener world and our customers who live in it.

  • Our facilities have been upgraded to energy efficient light fixtures and LED lighting.
  • Our office is virtually paper-free and we recycle everything, cardboard, plastic, glass, and paper, just as you would at home.
  • Our company uses Sprinter eco-smart, fuel-efficient vans.
  • Our water is purified soft water and our cleaning products are environmentally safe to keep our employees, customers, and community healthy.

It’s no wonder that the service we’re most famous for is our organic wash process, eco-wise, nontoxic, kid- and pet-friendly. Our secret is soft water, which performs much more effectively.  Soap lathers better and rugs are left supple and undamaged. Most importantly, soft water will prolong the life of your rugs.

Our drying process is renowned. We remove the majority of moisture content immediately with our proprietary pre-drying system. The last stage of drying takes place in our fully enclosed, custom-engineered, temperature-controlled drying rooms, which produce ideal filtered air-drying conditions, with no allowance for growth of mold or bacteria.

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