So Many Momeni Rugs

Momeni Rugs in Living Spaces

Momeni Inc., the leading source for area rugs and designer broadloom, was formed and founded by Haji Momeni in 1975 to bring beautiful products to people’s homes with exceptional service and quality.

The company began as a designer-oriented company, importing Persian and Oriental rugs for luxury showrooms all over the country. As faster weaving practices and technologies spread across the globe, Momeni entered a new era of programmed products available for wider distribution.

The expertise of the Momeni family in design, technology and fashion contributes to their continued success in product introductions. It is the commitment to service, however that has sustained relationships with their retail partners, some going back decades.

Momeni area rugs are statement pieces that make any room in which they’re placed, not merely fashionable, but fashion forward.


With the help of, we gathered a suite of memorable Momeni motifs.

momeni rugs


What’s black and white and red all over? An edgy teen room that rocks.


momeni area rugs

The black leather sofa and wood framed coffee table seem like they’ve met their area rug match. The curved ceiling and wood burning stove are an interior design bonus.

fresh nest design

Photo credit: Robyn Ivy Photography; Design credit: Fresh Nest Color and Design

This muted toned open concept living room has been given more than a few drops of color.

momeni design

Photo credit: Matt Harrer Photography for S&K Interiors


Now this conversation pit really makes a splash.

eastern accent design

Photo credit: Eastern Accents photographer


This Far East feel is on the dot.

modern living rooms

Crayola may not have this many colors. A perfect example of a modern living room.

traditional living rooms

Photo credit: Bob Narod Photography


A traditional living room where elegance runs rings around any other décor.

 momeni designs

The power of the geometric power-loomed area rug, on a ceramic floor, plus purple walls, turns traditional into abstract beauty.



Caring for your Momeni

When you’re making your own statement with a Momeni, make sure it stays clean, spot-free, and healthy.

RevitaRUGS has a lifelong commitment to the care of rugs and the customers who own them.

For over 20 years, we have been caring for fine and delicate rugs, relying on one key ingredient: pure, clean water. The beauty—and effectiveness—of our organic wash process also includes dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and quick, efficient drying. Your rug will be reinvigorated, and the air quality as well as the health of your entire home will be protected.


Ready To Clean Your Momeni Rug?

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