Showing Off Soumak Rugs


Soumak rugs, made by a method of brocading handmade flat-woven rugs, is one of the oldest known rug making techniques.

Colored yarns form a pattern at slight angles creating a herringbone effect. Loose ends of the pattern yarns are allowed to hang free at the back of the rug, providing padding. showed us some of the best examples that show off a Soumak rug.


soumak rugs

Designer credit: Mendelson Group

Purchased through Stark Carpet in NYC, this contemporary Soumak, with a chunky raised cut pile, gives texture to this traditional Manhattan living room.


soumak rug

This is how to put the pop in a Pop Up Event. Helms Bakery created an inviting nibble nook with this Moroccan tribal style and shag Soumak mix, made in Pakistan.


soumak carpet

What happens when your Steinway meets your Soumak? A classic home setting.


rugs runners

Light, bright and blue: these Soumak runners make this traditional Denver kitchen look cool and breezy.


soumak design

The green and red color palette with the whimsical tree as the center design makes it feel like Christmas all year round.

oriental rugs

There’s nothing “boring beige” about this muted creamy cappuccino color scheme, made even more interesting with its varied textures.


Cleaning Soumak and Oriental Rugs with Soft Water

The diverse weaving techniques, patterns, and vibrant colors of these rugs come to life after a thorough cleaning. For over 20 years, we have been caring for fine and delicate rugs, relying on one key ingredient: purified filtered “soft water.”

The beauty—and effectiveness—of our organic wash process also includes dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and quick, efficient drying. Your rug will be reinvigorated, and the air quality as well as the health of your entire home will be protected.


Ready To Restore Your Soumak Rug?

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