Should You Repair or Replace Your Rug?

That depends. Let’s assume the rug is fully repairable. Then, one must decide if the sentimental value or the commercial value of the rug vs. the rug repair cost justifies the action. Replacing the old rug with a new one may become a difficult task if the rug’s size and color scheme were a part of the overall décor of your room. Are you ready for redecorating the entire place?

There are other reasons for repairing and keeping your handmade rugs. The authentic, older, and better quality Persian carpets and Chinese rugs were made by master crafters from a bygone era. Copies of their designs are being made in the neighboring countries at a fraction of cost and value. Your grandma’s heirloom or an attic find maybe more valuable than you think.

Considering that there are antique rugs out there that are still alive and kickin’, the lifespan of your floor covering depends on not only its quality, but how well you took care of it. Proper vacuuming, having it professionally cleaned on an annual basis, changing the padding, and staying on top of necessary repairs will extend its life and value.

With luck though, you will have gone to the right professionals who were able to properly clean, remove any pet odors, re-weave thinning areas, and repair the fringes, thereby bringing your much-loved rug back to its magnificent self. With a certain kind of rug cleaning and rug restoration know-how, you will be able to keep your investment even longer.

Remember, if you wish to sell or trade your rugs, or if your house is for sale; having the rugs look their best will be the smart choice. Buyers for rugs or homes will feel, see and smell the difference.

Ready To Clean or Repair Your Rug?

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