Shag Rug Cleaning and Cleaners

There is a special process to shag rug cleaning. Proper dusting of a shag rug is the first step. It goes through the dusting machine at a setting appropriate for a rug with a high pile to assure all loose dirt is out. If necessary, we repeat the process.

You can’t really go the traditional route of using a floor scrubber, as that will damage the pile. Also because the pile is high and heavy, it takes a long time to dry with traditional cleaners, therefore, mold and bacteria can grow. If not dried quickly, as well as properly, the rug will smell like mildew.

RevitaRUGs are rug cleaners with a dual stage, quick drying process eliminates the chance of any of these problems, as the rug is 90% dry within minutes and fully dries within in 4 hours.

Also, because the pile of shag rugs is so thick, it absorbs a lot more suds and soaps with traditional cleaners and it will not have the soft feel it once had. Our soft water and mild soaps will never leave any residue behind.

General revitaRUG Cleaning

Even though shag rugs are given the aforementioned special considerations when they need to be cleaned, they basically benefit from the same effectiveness and simplicity of our process that any other valuable rug would: pure, clean water, dye-free, perfume-free soaps, and quick, efficient drying. We’ve developed our process over decades of experience, concerned exclusively with quality and cleanliness through environmentally sound, home-friendly practices.
As customers of revitaRUGS, you are familiar with what we do:

1. A proprietary dust removal process begins to clean and remove debris.
2. Air suction filtration prevents the transfer of any particles during the dust removal process.
3. Water is micro-filtered and softened to laboratory standards, before a drop touches the rug.
4. Our custom computer-controlled wash system automatically adjusts for the rug’s thickness and pile.
5. Precise pressure is applied by soft, circular brushes across the entire width of the rug.
6. Simultaneous cleaning and rinsing minimizes excessive exposure to water.
7. Fringe is hand washed, ensuring a perfect, delicate clean.

Ready To Clean Your Shag Rug

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