Say Yes To Yazd Rugs

Colors used for rugs in these desert regions are always bright and bold. So even though life is so barren and hostile outside, it can be vibrant and decorative on the inside. Most imported carpets are naturally aged, where the passing of time has reduced the brightness of colors. Some of the most beautiful products to come from this region are Yazd rugs.

Here Comes the Bride

The City of Yazd is sometimes called “the bride of the desert” because it boasts a number of sights, which cannot be found anywhere else in Iran, as well as because of its location.

This capital city is situated in the center of the country at an oasis where the Dasht-e Kavir desert (salt desert) and the Dasht-e Lut desert (emptiness dessert) meet; 1,215 miles above sea level and at a distance of 677 kilometers from Tehran.  

In 1272 A.D, Yazd was visited by Marco Polo, who described it as a good and noble city and remarked favorably upon its silk production industry. The city is known for its elaborate silk products. The demand for its fine rugs are on par with the neighboring Kerman and Kashan, which have greatly influenced Yazd rugs: some repeat the Kerman motifs, particularly that of the center medallion; others, greatly resemble Kashan rugs and might need expert opinions to tell the difference.  

Like other regions of Iran, carpet weaving is considered one of the essential industries of Yazd. In addition to carpet, weaving of other textiles like cashmere, handkerchiefs, blankets, and tablecloths are important handicrafts of this province, as are high quality tiles and earthenware utensils.


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