Sari Silk Rugs

Sari Silk Rugs


Sari silk rugs are made from recycled sari dresses, remnants, and re-spun silk from the mill ends of the sari looms. They have been unraveled into individual strands, then carefully re-spun and delicately hand-knotted to create briSari slklliant area rugs.

Nowadays, weavers in India are busy producing the most striking abstract rugs that boast a high sheen, a vivid explosion of color, and are unbelievably soft. No two rugs look the same, and their distinctive Ikat patterns have roots in the pre-Columbian era from thousands of years ago.




Places To Buy A Sari Silk Rug

Many rug merchants, galleries, and online sites offer these beautiful works of art made with everything from vintage fabrics to recycled saris. The price range varies depending upon the quality of silk, rug size, and intricacy of design. Of course, there is always a premium to pay for designer brand names.

sari rugs

Left: Rug with a burst of color from Rugsville, Eros Sari silk rug collection made from recycled sari silk as seen on Houzz.

Toronto based ELTE introduced their Silk Orchid collection, with prices ranging from under a $1000 to over $28,000.

Matt Cameron Rugs, with four locations in the US, carries Sari rugs along with an assorted inventory of other handmade carpets.

ABC Carpet & Home offers Sari silk and overdyed rugs in the heart of Manhattan. Loloi Rugs offers a few different sizes of the same pattern for their Sari silk rugs. The Giselle Spice Collection comes in four sizes.




The online home furnishing house One Kings Lane has more than just Ikat patterns in their recycled Sari silk rug collection. Who else would think of recreating a Heriz inspired design with recycled Sari silk? The possibilities are endless, as arsari silk ruge your choices.

Left: Heriz inspired Sari silk rug



How To Properly Care For And Clean Recycled Sari Silk Rugs?


1. Always use a brushless vacuum on silk rugs. Never pull on the fringes, as it will damage the foundation. You can use a brush/broom to comb and straighten the fringes before you start cleaning. You can avoid them all together by vacuuming parallel to the fringes.

2. Place a rug pad underneath the rug to protect it. Try not to place very heavy pieces on these delicate rugs, and use a barrier under furniture legs.

3. When moving furniture pieces onto/off of the rug, lift them, rather than pulling or dragging.

4. Sari silk rugs need routine cleaning just like any other area rug. Never do topical, steam or chemical dry cleaning. Professional silk rug cleaning must be done by experts in silk and Sari silk. This is the only option, or you will damage your rug.


Whom Do I Contact For Safe Sari Silk Rug Cleaning?

RevitaRUGS, New York’s premier valuable area rug cleaner, is the only place you can trust to clean all types of silk rugs. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote from one of our revita experts today! Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or fill out our contact form here.