Over- Dyeing area rugs has a long-standing practice and history. Terms like tea-wash were used to give a new rug an antique look. Most recently, bright color over-dyes have created a completely new market for otherwise undesirable old rugs. We can custom over-dye rugs to match your fabric swatches; our designers can also offer you choices best suitable for your rug pattern and design.

Here are some of the ways our over-dye process can benefit you:

  • Re-use and upcycle an existing rug by over-dyeing it to a new color of your choice.
  • Over-dye is a great option for those rugs with permanent stains, rug will look new and stains covered. Why throw away a good quality handmade rug for a few unsightly stains.
  • Rug merchants can turn their undesirable inventory of good quality rugs to fabulous fashion colors in high demand.