Rug Cleaning Tips: When Salt And Dirt Stain Your Carpets

The winter storms of the past few months have wreaked havoc with roads, homes and offices. A large amount of rock salt (Ice Melt) is used to treat our roads and most of our sidewalks in order to prevent slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, we drag most of that salt and snow inside, as we walk in with our winter shoes onto our rugs and carpets. If it happens enough, you might need professional rug cleaning to remove the stains. Walking over rock salt

photo by abc news: “Pass the Salt’ Please

The best way to defend against Ice Melt is by using walk-off mats both inside and out to keep the salt from ever reaching your valuable rugs. However, even when the wet winter boots and dirty shoes are off at the front door, we still see evidence of Ice Melt on rugs and carpets. It only takes a few occurrences for those salt crystals to become embedded in your rugs and destroy the fibers. A few rug cleaning tipsfor minimizing the salt residue entering your home: 1. Always place an indoor/outdoor mat at each entry during winter months. 2. Vacuum the slush from the mats using a wet/dry vacuum as often as you can. Once the mats are dry, follow with a traditional vacuum. 3. If the salt stain is still evident, use a stiff plastic bristle brush to remove the crusted salt.

Spring Cleaning Area Rugs: Serious Business After A Long Winter

We can protect our entryways during the stormy season by taking proper precautions, removing our boots, and keeping up with household chores. Still, winter will have an effect on all types of fabrics and fibers within our homes. The air quality is poor with all windows and doors closed, heaters running, and recirculating dust, dirt, and pet dander. These take their toll on carpets, rugs, draperies, and upholstered furniture. Your area rugs act like an air filter. Regular vacuuming can clean the surface, but it will not remove the deeply embedded dirt within the rug fibers. Add winter Ice Melt to the mix, and your rug is begging for a spa day! Professional rug cleaning by revitaRUGS will “spa” clean and revitalize your rug, and will remove any impurities – including salt residue- guaranteed.

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