Rug Blocking- The Best way to Reshape your Rug

RevitaRUGS’s precise blocking machine allows for an even stretching of any size rug. Once the rug is mounted, the adjustment wheels can be turned to fine tune the stretching and further control or increase the tension during the entire blocking process.

Rug blocking restores symmetry, smoothes out wrinkles and creases equalizing tension in the foundation of the rug. Over time, carpets can lose their shape due to age, neglect or improper washing.

Traditional stretching, used by many rug cleaning/restorers, is done by having a wood base panel on the floor, and then laying the rug on top, then, nailing down the fringe ends and maybe the edges to the base wood, while manually stretching the rug. This manual process is imperfect and does not evenly pull the wrap and weft, or stretch the foundation of the rug.

Reshaping Your Rug



A great comparison is that of fixing a car with a bent axle and how precise computerized equipment is used to fix the bend and reshape it to its original state. With that kind of technology available, who would ever manually fix that bent axle again? Or manually block a valuable carpet?

Rug blocking, along with cleaning, repairing and restoring, is another way revitaRUGS helps you care for your valuable floor coverings.

revitaRUGS custom blocking/Stretching equipment holds rug in a precise, flat frame with even tension. The manual adjustments allow for tension control and fine tuning of the stretching throughout the rug blocking process.

Ready To Block Your Carpet?

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