Rug and Persian Carpet Fringe Repair

Don’t become part of the lunatic fringe (people who go crazy because their carpet’s fringe has begun to unravel and they don’t know how or if it can be fixed.) It’s possible to have it repaired.

First of all, if your rug is machine made, then the fringe is either sewn or glued on. In this case, it can simply be pulled off and easily stitched or stuck back on. However, it’s a different, more involved process if you own a handmade rug.

Each rug’s foundation (weft and wrap) is made from a different material, such as cotton, silk, linen or jute. A fringe is part of that foundation and the right material must be used for individual rugs. A master crafter will evaluate, then depending on the damage, determine if the fringes can be implanted into the original knot. If the woven part of the rug has unraveled beyond the fringes into the foundation of the rug, then that whole area will be re-weaved.

Aside from fringes, the edges of the rug must be properly secured to protect the foundation of the rug.

Believe it or not there are master conservators ready and waiting to begin re-fringing in order to restore your rug to its original beauty. They are also capable of patching, weaving and re-dying, just in case more than the carpet’s fringe is in need of repair.

Having the fringe of your investment floor-covering fall into disrepair can almost assuredly be avoided if your rug is professionally cleaned and cared for annually, at least. 

Cleaning Before Repairing?

Yes. Clean the rug prior to repair, except for cases where a rug needs to be secured within the damaged area prior to wash. In that case, those areas such as big tears or cracks are stitched in a way to protect the rug fibers and hold the rug together beforehand.

In a similar case of a rug with decaying fiber, a temporary backing for the rug prior to wash is added to minimize further breakdown. This is also an important step for washing certain antique rugs. A permanent backing is used for rugs that, after the wash and repair take place, still have fragile fibers and a weak structure.

Other advantages of washing before rug repair:

  • Bringing out the true original rug colors, making sure the new weave and repair is an exact match of the hues and tones of that fiber.
  • Avoiding further damage to the surrounding dried up area when a craftsman tries to insert the needle into the fragile fibers.
  • Ridding moth-damaged rugs of all embedded moth eggs.

And remember: Improper washing of the rug can do more damage than not washing at all!

Ready To Clean Your Rug and Repair Its Fringe?

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