Riding High With Saddlebag Rugs

Saddlebag Rug Designs & Cleaning

These knotted pile, flat woven rugs served as cushions for those riding horses, donkeys and camels in Asia Minor, Central Asia, North

Africa, the Caucasian Mountains and the Western Hemisphere.

saddlebag rugs

Like the cavalry, Houzz.com rode in to save the day with examples of how saddlebag rugs can make a room homey.

saddlebag rug designs

Furniture & Accessories credit: Rug & Relic, Inc

An interior design meta-moment: two saddlebags straddle a table that is placed on a saddlebag rug.


saddlebag rug

Designer Credit: Nejad Rugs & Home


The entire room feels like one big prayer mat with antique Turkish saddlebag and antique silk Hereke rugs used as both floor and wall art.


saddlebag runners

saddlebag rug runners


Two views of this narrow farmhouse, with saddlebag runners adding just the right touch of interest, and leading all eyes to the room’s focal point: the red sofa.


Saving Your Saddlebag Rug

Restoration of this handmade woven art is a skill as rare as these antiques, and known only to a handful of skilled craftsmen who can be trusted with your valuables.

For over 20 years, we have been caring for fine and delicate rugs, relying on one key ingredient: purified filtered “soft water.”

The beauty—and effectiveness—of our  process also includes dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and quick, efficient drying. Your rug will be reinvigorated, and the air quality as well as the health of your entire home will be protected.


Ready To Refurbish Your Saddlebag Rug?

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