Removing Wine Stains – Rug Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Your favorite rug was just stained with red wine while holding a dinner party. What do you do? Perhaps it is not quite the right time to clean it up with all the guests still at your home. Well, what if you calmly turned the whole thing around and became the expert?

A white cloth, or kitchen towels and water and you are ready to go. Yes, that is all you need to save your area rug before you hand it over to a professional rug cleaner. It is unbelievable how many gimmicks are sold in a bottle or recipes are given as a tip to remove a red wine stain. An unsuspecting consumer will follow the advice only to further damage their rug by adding another chemical to the mix. Do not forget, an area rug made of natural wool, silk or viscose is not a wall to wall carpet. Depending upon the type and origin, they are made with natural or synthetic materials and dyes. They are valuable and anything other than water to dilute the wine will settle the stain further into the rug fibers.

How to Remove Wine Stains from Your Rug

Simply remove the excess wine by gently dabbing the white cloth or kitchen towel directly over the stain. Do not rub the area and make sure you keep using a clean part of the cloth or a new paper towel to soak up the excess wine. Then, add a tiny amount of water to the same spot and repeat your dabbing with clean cloth until you have removed the water again. What you are doing is a dilution process of the different acids in the wine. If colors run (darker colors bleed into lighter areas) due to addition of water, don’t be concerned, it can be easily fixed. Just dilute the wine stain and remove the excess water without rubbing the area. The next step is to contact a professional area rug cleaner to do the rest.

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