Removing Color Run Rug Stains

Oriental rugs damaged due to flood, exposure to moisture, or mishandling during the wash process; can develop color run. Color run is a condition where the darker colors of a rug will bleed into lighter areas. This condition can occur with natural or synthetic dyes, as it is a function of the dyeing process of the wool or silk fiber. Most color run incidents occur because of improper washing by inexperienced rug cleaners. Removing color run stainsrequire professional attention and is a skillful art. In the case of pure silk rugs, it is a mastery learnt only by a few artisans around the world. The silk fiber, the intricate designs and, knot density makes silk rugs the most challenging color run stains to remove.

Fixing color run on Persian silk Qum rug

Persian silk rugs are crème de la crème of handmade rugs. The authentic natural silks made in Qum are valuable and hard to find nowadays. Partly because it is becoming a lost art, and the US embargo forbids their imports. The silk Qum rug medallions s hown below are before and after photos of revitaRUGS master crafter’s remarkable restoration. This particular rug was exposed to water from a second floor leak for several days. Unfortunately, it had been left unattended long enough to develop black mold. Color run stain Above: Silk Qum rug exposed to flood water, causing major color run and black mold (before & after restoration by revitaRUGS)

The rug was 9 x 14 feet and contained chemical/mineral residues from the leak. All these conditions made the restoration even more challenging. Color run stain

Above: More before photos of the silk Qum rug

The process of removing color run stains in rugs begins with proper cleaning to remove all chemical residues, black mold, and other impurities. Washing silk rug with water is a specialty of revitaRUGS, and we guarantee perfect results. After this silk rug was properly cleaned, our master crafters went to work to restore this expensive silk rug back to life. Appreciating the skills, art and science required to perform such task, only understood by those in art of restoration. One should read the process of restoring the Sistine chapel with the mineral residues, Saltpetre, grim, soot and oil from the ceiling, and the challenges it raised. Then, reflect on how to remove similar residues from a silk fiber, and restore original pattern and color. What a task! Color run before and after

Do You Have A Silk Rug Or Oriental Carpet With Color Run?

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