Organic soaps with purified filtered soft water

No harsh chemicals

No Color Runs

No Odd Odors

Safe For Your Home And Family

No more dust mites = No more allergies

Our Standard Wash: Recommended for rugs in low traffic areas, rugs that are not heavily soiled or exposed to pet mishaps.

Our Deep Wash: Recommended for rugs in high traffic areas, exposed to pet urine, heavily soiled, or not washed in the last 3 years. Pet odor removal guaranteed.

Prices: Prices are quoted per square foot and vary based on the rug fibers and type of the rug. Natural silks, faux silks and antique rugs are treated and washed differently. 

Rug fibers: Wool, Silk, Viscose, Sisal, Seagrass, Jute, Hemp, Bamboo silk, Linen, Chenille, and Cotton.

Rugs types: Handmade Wool Rugs, Viscose Rugs, 100% Natural Silk Rugs, Natural Fiber Rugs, Extra Fine Wool & Silk Rugs, Antique Rugs, Fine Hand Tufted Rugs, Antique or New Aubusson, Savonnerie, Needlepoints, and Antique Tapestries.