Preventing Children’s Asthma through Routine Area Rug Cleaning

Keep Your Home Allergen Free Through Routine Area Rug Cleaning

Does anyone really know why more and more children are developing asthma? Some experts suggest that children are being exposed to more and more allergens such as dust, air pollution, and second-hand smoke. These factors all are indoor asthma triggers. Others suspect that children are not exposed to enough childhood illnesses to build up their immune system. It appears that a disorder of the immune system where the body fails to make enough protective antibodies may also play a role in causing asthma. While the root cause remains a medical debate, the incidences of asthma are rising dramatically in the past 20 years.

There are definitely action plans by all parents, physicians and allergy specialists as how to treat, monitor and prevent serious health risks for each individual case. With warnings on overall rise of pollutant levels by EPA; parents are becoming more aware and educated on the topic of asthma triggers and prevention.

There are numerous medical health sites giving detailed list of creating “an asthma safe home”. Removing wall to wall carpets from kids’ room, and routine area rug cleaning is as vital as cleaning the air filters in the AC system. An area rug acts as an air filter and absorbs  dust, pollen, tobacco or wood smoke, perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning products and fumes from paint and cooking gas.  Area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning on a routine basis is a healthy practice for all family members.

Proper Area Rug Cleaning and Methods to Avoid

An area rug, handmade or machine made, cannot be properly cleaned by topical steam cleaning. A Chem-dry process or any chemical treatment will further promote asthma by introducing more triggers. Dust particles settle deep within the fibers of the rug. Pet dander, dead skin cells, and other pollutants all feed the invisible dust mites, creating a petri dish for germs and bacteria to grow.

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NYC rug cleaning company RevitaRUGS has engineered a technology to properly clean your rugs using soft purified water and mild organic soaps. Revita is not traditional rug washing. Revita revitalizes rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains and odors. No harsh chemicals. In fact, Revita removes the toxic residue left by previous rug cleaners and gently strips away the brittle calcium deposited in your rug by the hard water they used.

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