Pakistani & Tabriz Rugs

There are many styles, designs and colors of classic and modern Pakistani rugs or Tabriz Rugs. The traditions and artistry of the rug making craft infuse each carpet with a sense of meaning that cannot be captured by commercial floor coverings. While the subject is broad, here is an overview of some of the most salient aspects of Pakistani and Tabriz rugs.


The Ancient Art of Rug Weaving

The art of rug weaving is intricately entwined with the history and culture of both Pakistan and Iran, and is still an important regional handicraft today. Known for their artistic beauty, hand-woven rugs from these regions never seem to go out of style, bringing rich color and spectacular designs to homes and buildings all over the world.

Pakistani Rug Origins

Pakistan is a major center for hand-woven rugs. The area now provides many contemporary styles, as well as rugs called Pak-Persian rugs. These are rugs that are made in Pakistan but are based on ancient Persian designs. Artisans here still rely on ancient knowledge passed down through the generations.

Tabriz Rug Origins

The Tabriz rugs have a history dating back to the 11th Century and are some of the most diverse rugs in terms of portraying stories, scenes and images of palaces or mosques. Artisans in Tabriz have been creating their designs for so long that many do not even need to follow a pattern. Tabriz rugs really shine as the centerpiece of a room.


The Many Styles of Pakistani and Tabriz Rugs

There are several overall aspects to consider when looking for a Pakistani rug or a Tabriz rug. First, you will need to decide if you a want contemporary or traditional design. Next, you will want to determine a color-scheme. These two factors can help narrow down your search from the thousands of styles to be found in these popular rugs.

Pakistani rug styles are usually classified based on design and range from the angular, geometric designs of Bokhara-style rugs and the contemporary Gabbeh designs, to the intricate, and often symbolic styles based on ancient Persian rugs. There are many centers for rug making throughout Pakistan, and some specialize in particular styles.

Authentic Tabriz rugs originate in the northwest of Iran. Often, Tabriz rugs will have a pronounced center design with distinctive background colors of navy blue, red or cream. The design is often filled with symbolism and many are based on the works of the great Oriental Poets. One of the most fascinating features of Tabriz rugs, and why many are drawn to them is that Tabriz rugs tell a story.


Ancient Designs, Modern Rug Styles

When looking for a distinctive statement to fit in with your interior design, Pakistani carpets offer the variety and durability to fit any design challenge. Instead of standard industrial carpet, Pakistani wool rugs in contemporary patterns can add flare to a commercial space, without sacrificing durability. A Persian style and elegant Tabriz rug can give a room a timeless appearance that can be ideal for a traditional décor. Once you begin learning about these rugs, you will quickly realize that Pakistani and Tabriz rugs offer many options, both contemporary and traditional, that will fit with many interior design concepts.

Does Your Pakistani or Tabriz Rug Need Professional Cleaning?

There is no doubt that you will grow to cherish and appreciate your Pakistani rug or Tabriz rug, just as we at RevitaRUGS do. With that in mind, and years of experience, our cleaning and restoration services are of the highest quality. Our process is gentle, organic and natural. We understand these masterpieces and are happy to preserve them in any way we can.