Overdyed Rugs – A Clever Twist


Overdyed Rugs –A Clever Twist


Turkish Bazaar, Overdyed Rugs

Turkish Bazaar, Overdyed Rugs

Once upon a time, rug merchants rushed to take new rugs through a chemical process called “antique wash,” which stripped the carpets’ colors to make them look aged. Tea wash was another way to alter rugs’ appearances to create new looks and move their merchandise. Well, no more.

Merchants of Istanbul came up with a clever idea to take older rugs and dye them with bright colors, turning them into contemporary works of art. Of course, they immediately appeared in the high-end rug showrooms of Manhattan in mesmerizing hot pink, deep green, bright yellow, purple, and tangerine orange.

These vintage rugs go through a process to neutralize the original colors, while still retaining the essence of their design.

Each rug is then overdyed to create a solid color with dimension. They are imperfect and filled with inconsistencies, but that is what makes them unusual and unique.

Overdyed rugs

ABC Carpet & Home

The Color Reform” Collection by ABC Carpet has been leaving the showroom faster than any other rugs they carry. Color options are sure to appeal to your artistic taste, with wool or silk fibers, as well as patchwork designs.

Patchwork and tie-dye carpets are another form of this fusion, as well as a nice departure from traditional rugs. Patchwork, in particular, is a favorite of the eco-friendly as it reuses/recycles pieces of unsellable rugs, and it is good for creating jobs and preserving nature.

There is no need to argue the obvious worth and long-term value of these types of rugs vs. the traditional and collectible handmade ones. No one screamed bloody murder when antique and tea wash were in fashion. If the price is right and you are happy with your overdyed rug, well, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

What should you expect when you buy a tie-dyed rug?

These rugs are not created from perfect specimens. It’s important to consider that many of these pieces may have had previously irreversible problems, such as color run, bad stains, blotchy antique wash, or other aesthetic issues. Usually, the tie-dye process is not applied to the back of the rug, so you may see a whole different look on the backside.

Can revitaRUGS overdye my rug?

Overdyed rugYes. RevitaRUGS offers some basic “natural colors” and an array of synthetic ones. Here is a photo of a rug overdyed to a hot pink/fuchsia.

Want to add some bright color to your home?

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