Our Process

Area rugs act like an air filter, in fact; all indoor pollutants settle on surfaces, such as carpets, area rugs, curtains, upholstery, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals. Etc. Just as with any other filter, they must be properly cleaned to improve air quality and protect your family’s health and well-being.

Scientific studies show the danger of toxins in carpets and area rugs even in low concentrations may result in damage to your nervous and reproductive systems. By ignoring these serious warnings, newborns, toddlers, and beloved pets are left vulnerable to many hazardous pollutants. Most of us believe vacuuming alone removes years of accumulated dust mites, dirt, bacteria, fumes from cooking, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, pesticides, pet urine, and other toxins brought in on shoes, feet, and pet’s paws. Many new rugs off gas from the petroleum cleaning chemicals and other strong odors of toxic “concoctions” which are overwhelming and scary.

Our soft water and organic soap wash process removes chemical odors, germs, bacteria, and embedded impurities. Our deep wash detox program has earned us the nick name “The Rug Spa”, bestowed upon us by the Well-Being Feng Shui Design Icon Clodagh.