“Shear” Genius for Your Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet

Handmade rugs last a long time. However, the wear and tear of everyday life, year after year, combined with neglect, can make them look grimly. But underneath that surface layer of worn out wool fiber, there still may be a gem.

Shearing gives an older, worn-out Oriental rug or Persian carpet a new finish. It removes uneven pile heights and tuffs, fuzzing, peeling, uneven seams, matting, or discoloration. It makes any rug look newer by enhancing color, finish, clarity, pattern and definition.

Compare and Contrast

The handmade rug shown on the left has a fuzzy surface; colors are dull and there is no crisp pattern or color definition. Shearing your handmade rug will remove a very thin surface layer of worn-out fiber that is peeling and has uneven tuffs. 






The effect of shearing on the above rug is visibly noticed in the photo shown on the left. Compare the sheared top portion to the untouched lower part as well as the medallion area of the rug. It has color definition, clarity, and the surface of the rug is smoother and looks healthier 






Handmade rug shearing is a highly specialized skill that requires the right tool and technique. It is hard work and must be done by experts in this field. Shearing can rescue rugs that are faded and worn out by giving them a new lease on life. In the before and after pictures below, the rug’s border shows great improvement after shearing. This rug was also exposed to water and had color run. Although it did not fix the color run completely, and the rug needs further work, it improved greatly. So before you give up on your valuable handmade rug, consider giving it a new lease on life and contact your professional rug cleaner. 











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