Oriental Rug Repair: Fringe Repair

A handmade Oriental rug has fringes on both ends, which are extensions of its foundation. Over time, due to age, neglect and improper vacuuming, the fringe wears out. If this routine repair is not performed, it can lead to more costly and extensive foundation repair.

Fringe repair can vary from minor securing to a full implant as shown below:


Handmade rug fringes must be repaired to their original shape and form. Adding a machine-made fringe may be a cheap and easy solution to your repair, however, it will highly devalue a Persian carpet or Oriental rug.


Don’t be fooled by just any fringe repair

Oriental rug repair is a craft and a learned skill, especially when it comes to the fringes. It also requires rug knowledge and integrity. Yes, integrity! Dishonest rug repairers can easily fool the average consumer because they do not know what the foundation of their rug is. Hence, they can’t know if the repairs are performed up to par.

FYI: The majority (80%) of handmade wool rugs have a cotton foundation, some small percentage are wool on wool.

Then, there are the expensive natural 100% silk rugs, some with silk foundation, others made with artificial silk. We have seen some art-silk rugs with cotton foundation (made mostly in India and China). The proper materials must be used to replace the fringes for each rug type. If you have an expensive natural silk rug, you do not want to see the fringes repaired with art-silk. No one wants to pay for real silk and get faux silk.


Do not neglect Oriental Rug Restoration or you will pay!Do not neglect Oriental Rug Restoration or you will pay!

Rugs should be cleaned on an annual basis – this is a great time to also check for any minor issues before they become major ones. If you neglect to repair your fringe, it will ultimately lead to the unravelling of the foundation of your rug. A rug’s overall repair is expensive, so preventative maintenance can eliminate the need for costly overhauls.

This picture shows a kilim that required extensive repair. The cost of fringe repair is by far much lower than re-weaving the foundation of any rug. View more on this kilim repair process here.

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