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Nepal rugs are hand-knotted, deep-pile, richly patterned carpets. At one time, they only exhibited folk art with bright flowers as well as dragons in primary colors, and were framed by a distinctive “chain of life” border. Because of the influence from the Western world, these rugs are now created with abstract designs in subdued pastels or muted earth tones. Nepal rugs also are made in many different sizes. Today, Nepal’s rug business is one of the largest industries in the country with many exporters.


Nepal Rug

In The Know About Nepal Rugs

Long ago, a community of Tibetan Buddhists fled their homeland for the Hindu nation of Nepal. With them they brought their business acumen and design sense, hence creating a major international center for hand-loomed woolen carpets.

Nepal is located near the Himalayas and has a harsh climate, making rugs a very important part of life, from palaces to monasteries, farmhouses to merchants. These rugs have been used as, of course, floor coverings, but also window treatments, horse blankets and car seats, just to name a few.

Whereas the carpets of Kashmir, Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia boast intricate patterns, the Tibetan rugs have most often been distinguished by a monochromatic background into which nature motifs or semi-religious designs have been woven. Historically, the art of the Himalayan Buddhist kingdoms left no wiggle room for self-expression. Folk art reflected this adherence to the standard, not only in carpet patterns but also in the decoration of houses, furniture and clothing.

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