Mehraban We Roll Along: A Special Type of Persian Carpet

The Mehraban rugs, like any other village rugs made in Iran, are weaved in domestic settings mostly by women. Mothers pass this art to their daughters by singing the directions of how to weave the patterns! There are no blueprints for village rugs and therefore, flaws in symmetry are part of each rug’s charm. Early 20th century demand for American Sarough carpets had an impact on these rugs. The typical pattern of a floral spray with bright colors, such as various shades of pink, azure and orange, was adopted for exports; whereas domestic production remained more traditional, with local patterns and colors.

A Type of Persian Carpet

Mehraban is an important production center for all sizes of Persian carpets and runners. It is one of the many rug weaving villages just outside Hamadan in Iran that is devoted to making rugs according to the traditional techniques: symmetrical knots, single weft, high and shiny pile, thanks to the excellent quality of the local wool. They are generally sturdy, hardwearing rugs with good wool and traditional designs that seem most suited to a country décor, yet can be used to add a dramatic effect in an ultra modern setting. In recent years, people have come to appreciate this form of art that combines the Persian rug with contemporary interiors. Mehrabans are one of many types of Persian carpets; therefore they have remained a highly valued product during the last decades because of their exceptional craftsmanship and unique handmade designs.

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