Landry & Arcari – Rug Recycling Never Looked So Good

Landry & Arcari – a 33-year-old Boston-based business – is taking the rug recycling techniques, currently used in the carpet world, to new levels of style and beauty with their wonderfully vibrant Hip Pop Rug Collection.


This unique group of reinvented rugs makes use of old, unwanted rugs by giving them a second life. They are also super versatile and offer different patterns on the back and front.

Their Konya Rug collection also comes from a skilled style of rug recycling. These rugs are re-woven onto vintage rug foundations with old rug materials. The result is a brand new and long lasting rug that offers familiar, traditional designs fashioned with durable, aged materials.


Founder, Gerard “Jerry” Arcari, is a noted expert on Oriental rugs. In 1981, Jerry and his wife Connie bought the respected Landry Brothers Upholstery Furniture business, which had been established in 1938, and soon Landry & Arcari Interiors became the Massachusetts’s North Shore’s most outstanding resource for oriental rugs and interior design.

Jerry has passed on his knowledge and enthusiasm for oriental rugs to his children. As a family, they have made Landry & Arcari a highly reputable, thriving business with one of the largest, most outstanding collections of oriental rugs and carpeting in New England.

Reuse, Renew, And Repurpose: The Motto Of revitaRUGS

We believe that, in every case but area rug cleaning, you should always put in more than you take out. That’s why all of us at revitaRUGS are committed to supporting our local communities and good works, wherever they’re performed. Here’s what we’re doing to make the world a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little healthier place:

  • Our company uses Sprinter eco-smart, fuel-efficient vans.
  • Our facilities have been upgraded to energy efficient light fixtures and LED lighting.
  • Our office is virtually paper-free and we recycle everything, cardboard, plastic, glass, and paper, just as you would at home.
  • Our office printing is only done on recycled paper.
  • Our rug pads are made of natural rubber and jute.
  • Our water is purified to soft water, so we can use mild organic based soaps.
  • Our cleaning products are biodegradable and environmentally safe to keep our employees, our customers, and our community healthy.

Ready To Give A “Green” Clean Your Recycled Rug?

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