Keeping Up With Collectible Rugs

What’s a collectible rug? In its most basic terms: one that collectors are interested in. Anything else is considered “decorative.” More specifically, what establishes a collectible rug is how rare it is, its age, beauty or craftsmanship. Collectors approach rugs from a historical perspective, interested in tribal or regional distinctions like interesting designs or colors.

They want authentic (usually small) pieces made for local use, as opposed to commercial export. Oddly enough, an antique rug can be less valuable than a newer collectible piece due to the type of rug, its fiber, weaving quality, the weaver’s fame, rareness and market demand. But, a collectible rug that is rare, historic and extra fine can come with a high price tag

Collecting Antique Rugs


In fact, to date, the most expensive rug ever sold at auction is a beautiful Persian carpet that went for nearly 34 million dollars at Sotheby’s in June of 2013. The rug is a sickle-leaf, vine scroll and palmette ‘vase’-technique carpet that is probably of Kerman origin. You don’t have to own a collectible piece to enjoy a beautiful handmade rug, and a well-made rug always holds its value verses a machine made rug. A decorative rug, which may be old or new, any style, size or color, provides simply an embellishment to a room.

Collectible rug cleaning and repair


No one acquires a collectible piece of floor art without considering its proper upkeep and maintenance. It is paramount to protect the natural wool or silk fiber of these rugs from environmental factors. Dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, sun exposure, dryness, and humidity can all damage the fragile fibers. Handling these valuables should be trusted to only a handful of master crafters around the world. RevitaRUGS specializes in all types of antique and collectible rugs. For collectible rug cleaning or restoration, contact our revita experts today at the premier NYC revitaRUGS! Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or, fill out our contact form here.