INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Tucker & Marks, San Francisco, California

They say opposites attract – and in this case they attract clients who want high-end interiors that are luxurious, sophisticated, sumptuous, elegant and inviting. For 25 years, Suzanne Tucker has headed the firm’s Design Studio, while Timothy Marks, as Managing Principal, oversees the business operations. Tucker & Markscreates a broad spectrum of living environments—from well-appointed family homes, mountain lodges and beach houses, to country villas and estates as well as large apartments for a steady stream of new and longtime clients throughout the United States.

The firm’s design work is highly detail oriented – from helping to procure exceptional art and antique collections to custom designed furnishings, sumptuous upholstery, specialized lighting, finely detailed linens and beautiful accessories.

As a renowned designer, Suzanne’s work incorporates antiques, textiles and the decorative arts. She is passionate about architecture and design and strives to “create beauty and serenity” for every client. She says, “I believe good design is not about trends or rules, but about creating timeless beauty that enhances one’s daily life. It’s all about balance – color, form, proportion, scale, light, art, new and old.

Because Suzanne believes that by surrounding ourselves with what is beautiful, we enrich and enhance the quality of our lives, she launched an extraordinary array of beautiful home furnishings, starting with an exquisite collection of fabrics, and dinnerware called San Marco for Royal Limoges, with wallpaper, lighting, furniture and mantel pieces in the works. As she describes it, “A polished mix of fine antiques, richly sensual textiles and beautifully designed accessories are the foundations for a timeless home.”

RevitaRUGS Is In The Details

As professional New York area rug cleaners, we too are highly detailed oriented — from the close inspection of each rug with a high-resolution digital camera, as well as a digital microscope, to the proprietary dust removal before the computer-controlled wash system and drying process begins, to the re-checking of fringe, to the final inspection, which is also photographed, that includes precision-controlled brushes giving the surface a final reconditioning.

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