INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Thomas Britt, Thomas Britt Incorporated, New York, New York

“Above all, a room must be inviting. In especially large rooms, use rugs to create seating areas that further define the space. This will make the room more intimate and cozy. Another good rule to follow is that the wall color can be pulled forward into pillows as an accent color, or you can take a color from the rug to be used elsewhere throughout the space.” So says Thomas Britt, who has been an icon of the interior design industry, both nationally and worldwide, for over forty years. Britt’s designs draw on the European classicism of balance, harmony and scale. Traveling the world has also provided another influence for him. Combined with his bold sense of color, luxurious use of textures, and an eye for detail,

Britt’s artistry has created some of the world’s most beautiful homes. A few of the designer’s trademarks: bold patterned floors, deep silk upholstery, pairs of tall classical mirrors, and limited use of objects. Hence, his designs often take on a tone of grandeur. He particularly enjoys transforming ordinary spaces into spectacular showplaces through the use of unexpected colors and eclectic groupings of artwork and furnishings. Britt freely mixes reproductions with fine antiques, and will combine pieces from different geographic styles and various historical periods. He strives to achieve appropriate looks for each of his clients’ homes.

The World of Professional Rug Cleaning

Thomas Britt isn’t the only one who brings worldliness to the beauty of your home. Even though the technology used by revitaRUGS is state-of-the-art, our gentle, effective area rug cleaning goes back in our family for decades.

RevitaRUGS roots are in Italy, where fine, handmade rugs have always been a part of every stylish home. As much as our Italian friends loved their floor coverings, few knew how to properly conduct area rug cleaning.

Our founder, Hamid Zarei, developed a new way to care for fine and delicate rugs, starting with one key ingredient: pure, clean water. Not only were rugs reinvigorated, but the process he pioneered protected the air quality and health of the entire home. We’ve maintained a long history of professional rug cleaningfor is not only effective but good for the environment. Today, we’re proud to bring Europe’s most celebrated way to keep rugs beautiful to you.

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