INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Suzanne and Christopher Sharp, The Rug Company, London, England

“We are consumed by the importance of design and selecting the right rug for each room,” says Suzanne Sharp, who along with her husband, Christopher Sharp, co-founded and is creative director of The Rug Company, a London-based retailer of handmade rugs with twenty-four showrooms around the world.


They — and their almost 1700 employees — share a collective pride that they produce and locate the finest rugs in the world. Sourcing interesting, exceptional pieces is due to their love of travel, an addiction to collecting and the ability to spot the extraordinary.

The Sharps also understand the importance of raw materials, using wool from high on the Tibetan plateau, where it is so rich in natural lanolin that it is oily to the touch. They are proud to support the local craftsmanship of Nepal that has a long and proud tradition of weaving.

The Rug Company is constantly striving to improve the rug industry both ethically and environmentally, hence its support of GoodWeave, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that no child labor is used in any of its registered productions.

Putting The World At Your Feet

“When you’re choosing a rug, you’re creating a personal atmosphere in the room,” says Ms. Sharp who offers these suggestions:

● Figure out what the room is being used for, who’s in it, how much light a room has—that makes a big difference.

● Use one large rug to unify the room and pull everything together. The rug should be large enough that key items of furniture are on it. ● Work with square or rectangular rugs, as they are the easiest to work into any room décor.

● Choose a patterned rug for a small room, corridor or study, as an effective way of creating a strong impact.

● Stay within the same tonal color scheme for the rug and all the furnishings without overtly matching the pieces.

● Play with contrasts, such as a contemporary rug in a traditional room.

● Purchase your rug from a place that lets you try it out in your space before deciding if you want to keep it.

Cleaning The Finest Rugs In The World

RevitaRUGS has a history with The Rug Company, having cleaned and revitalized some of their exquisite offerings.


Here is a before and after of one such project.


For our organic rug cleaning services, we used cool, clean, pure water, plus our eco-wise, nontoxic, kid- and pet-friendly process — as well as our years of experience — to refresh and renew this, and every carpet left in our care.

Because rugs like these are an investment, upkeep is imperative. RevitaRUGS’ master conservators are always ready to go to work at patching, weaving, re-dyeing, and re-fringing to restore your rug to its original beauty. Like The Rug Company, we too want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

RevitaRUGS is committed to supporting our local communities and good works, wherever they’re performed, and making the world a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little healthier.


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INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Suzanne and Christopher Sharp, The Rug Company, London, England