INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Susan Massey, Bohlert Massey Home, Seacrest Beach, Florida

Rugs, lighting, fabrics, jewelry, fresh flowers and tropical foliage – this eclectic array of beautiful accessories and decorative objects can only be found at Bohlert Massey Home, a premier design resource with an emphasis on classic, modern and period pieces. The firm even has its own collection of decorative objects, mirrors, furnishings, and original paintings. The boutique interior design firm’s belief in a cohesive approach, which weaves together architect, builder and homeowner, comes from designer Susan Massey whose inspirations are classic Italian architecture, black and white Hollywood glamour of the past, retro island life, and nature’s juxtapositions.

Characteristic Susan Massey style is a unique “design cocktail” that organically blends period antiques with contemporary and vintage pieces to create seamlessly orchestrated spaces. Her signature talents: a keen color sense, as well as a willingness to apply color boldly and uniquely into her design plans.

Although, Susan brings an instinctive sense to her projects, and is precise in applying her stamp onto them, her high art approach to interior design never overshadows the core purpose: to channel her client’s personal aesthetic.

RevitaRUGS Has A Signature As Well

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