INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Odegard, New York, NY

An ode to Stephanie Odegard: The hallmark of her award-winning designs is a sophisticated and subtle use of color in carpets made of hand-carded, hand-spun, hand-knotted Himalayan wool. Many of her distinctive designs draw inspiration directly from nature–from tropical leaves and grasses to the vibrant colors of a Himalayan sunset.

As handmade products of distinctive cultural heritage, Odegard’s rugs are valuable contemporary works of art in the great tradition of collectible textiles.
Stephanie Odegard rugs
In 1987, after years of working as a buyer, running her own business in the textile arts field, serving in The Peace Corps, and functioning as a marketing consultant for The World Bank, the United Nations and the governments of Nepal, Jamaica and the South Pacific islands, Odegard founded the Stephanie Odegard Collection.

Her lifelong interest and expertise in design, product development and technical aspects of the textile and other traditional industries combined with her merchandising experience uniquely qualified her to build her business into an international success, while also revolutionizing the United States market.

By combining time-revered techniques with contemporary European aesthetics and the highest standards of quality, she has transformed ancient textile art forms and traditional artisanal crafts of developing countries into commercially viable industries capable of raising standards of living for thousands of people.
Stephanie Odegard, who has twice had her collection exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, has garnered numerous accolades and awards that acknowledge both her design talents and her commitment to social progress and philanthropic accountability.

In all her products, Odegard requires strict adherence to social responsibility in countries where production takes place. She is a founding board member of GoodWeave™, a carpet industry foundation that maintains the only recognized certification program to ensure that carpets are made free of child labor; its funds are used for education and welfare of children. All Stephanie Odegard Collection carpets produced in Nepal bear the GoodWeave label.

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