INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Paolo Giordano, Milan, Italy

He should be called POW-lo, as that is the effect his creative vision has had on the design world.

Paolo Giordano rugs

Paolo Giordano is a founder of l+l — which stands for Italy and India — a company that focuses on the design and production of high quality handmade rugs produced in India and Nepal, as well as l’objet d’art made in Italy.

l+l’s pieces are handmade, yet are assisted by cutting-edge technology for an innovative combination of old world craftsmanship and ultra-modern manufacturing.

The Naples-born Giordano studied architecture at Milano Politecnico and worked as a professional photographer for almost two decades before creating l+l in 1996 with his friend and fellow architect Silvio Caputo.

Since then, Paolo Giordano has concentrated his creative energies on designing, as well as growing and transforming ‘I+I’ into the respected and renowned company, it is today.

l+l And revitaRUGS: A Common Bond

RevitaRUGS’ roots also began in Italy. Like Paolo, our founder Hamid Zarei had an eye for textiles and a firm commitment to outstanding customer service, which propelled him to the forefront of Italian interior design. After searching for the technique to care for his clients’ acquisitions, he realized that the rug cleaning process had been largely unchanged and unimproved for centuries.

In response, Mr. Zarei developed custom-designed equipment, as well as new scientific processes to care for fine and delicate rugs; one in particular is the use of pure, clean soft water. Not only were rugs reinvigorated, but the processes he pioneered protected the air quality and health of the entire home.

Today, we’re proud to bring Europe’s most celebrated way to keep rugs beautiful to your neighborhood. Using only the mildest of soaps, purified soft water, and proprietary systems and processes, revitaRUGS ensures that the rugs we care for are safe and healthy – and of course, beautifully cleaned.

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