INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Michael Mandapati, New York, NY

“A space is defined through the articulation of its details. With a commitment to principles of design, any space has the ability to fully realize its potential.” This is the philosophy that Michael Mandapati, founder of Warp & Weft, has maintained since his firm opened in 2001, and this is the standard that Warp & Weft brings to every space, however simple or complex.

Michael Mandapati’s love for area rugs has only grown over the years. His interest, nourished by a desire to find the perfect rug for any room now spans from antique and decorative patterns to modern motifs. In 2004, he even started to manufacture his own designs.

In its very name, Warp & Weftexpresses a commitment to what is fundamental: the foundations that bind and structure the details into a unified whole. Just as warps and wefts are interwoven, Warp & Weft strives to intermingle form, color, and texture, which are essential to all great area rugs and carpets.

Through his company, Mandapati makes it clear that the rug is itself the foundation of the larger space that it inhabits and from which the overall design of a room emanates.

Warp & Weft is also proud to be a member of a nationwide effort, led by GoodWeave™, to eliminate child labor from the handmade rug industry.

RevitaRUGS: The Foundation Of Our Area Rug Cleaning Services                            


Our unique area rug cleaning services begin with soft water, because it will prolong the life of your rugs. It also allows us to use less water, less soap, and, in most conditions, no softeners. Our soaps are all dye-, perfume-, and VOC-free. The revitaRUGS plant is engineered to use less electricity and other natural resources; and the water is filtered and purified to laboratory standards, ensuring that no pollutants are transferred to your rug during the cleaning process.

A clean rug increases the air quality of your home, leaving you and your family in a healthier environment.

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