INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Mara Miller, Carrier and Company, New York, New York

RevitaRUGS sat down with Mara Miller, one half of Carrier and Company’s founder (the other is her husband, Jesse Carrier) to discuss living authentically, designing for celebrities, and learning to edit.

RR: You and Jesse have a combined thirty years experience and opened your own shop in 2002. What would you say you’re known for style-wise?

MM: We pride ourselves on doing work that’s atmospheric. There’s always a softness to a room, even if we use a lot of color; it’s very blended, also clean and symmetrical, modern and fresh.


RR: What’s your niche?

MM: Our clients want sophisticated, yet accessible. They live well, but without formality. Our style appeals to men because it’s not fussy or cluttered, and women who like pretty things, as well as families who want comfort.

RR: Your website lists a number of celebrity clients. Is designing for famous people more challenging?

MM: They often have a definite vision and use us to facilitate it. However, because they are often in a creative business, they respect that we too are creative people and allow us to do our thing.

RR: What kind of spaces do your clients need your help with?

MM: We generally come in with an overall vision for an entire home, sometimes to redecorate; other times we work with architects on gut renovations. With long time clients, we help with transitions as well. For example, a baby’s room becomes a kid’s room, then eventually a den or guest room.

RR: Your home page says your mission is to connect people with place. Elaborate.

MM: Someone’s home should reflect who they are, as well as give a sense of where the home is located.

RR: So you don’t decorate your beach house to look like a Moorish castle.

MM: Right, there should be an honesty…an authenticity to your lifestyle and home.

RR: How do area rugs factor in when you’re designing?

MM: We often use area rugs to create individual spaces, but still keep the room unified by first putting down one large, flat rug, then overlay it with area rugs.

RR: What are your thoughts about area rugs in general, apropos to creating a room?

MM: To us, design is about balance. If people have a lot of activity in a room — artwork etc., a peaceful rug is a way to achieve that balance. On the flip side, a colorful area rug adds personality, to neutral furnishings.

RR: Tell us some other reasons you favor area rugs.

MM: They’re an opportunity to buy something special. One of our clients – newlyweds –recently bought a rug on their honeymoon in Nepal. Moths aside, they’ll have it forever.
When you’re buying something for your home, like a rug, you should have a visceral reaction, like, “I love it.” That’s how you know you’ve found the right one.

Also, the beauty of area rugs is that you can roll them up. These are the things that don’t get ditched when it’s time to move, and are easy to store. If you go to a smaller place, they can be cut down as well. They’re very flexible.

RR: Thanks for your time. Why don’t you leave our readers with the Carrier and Company design philosophy?

MM: The problem usually isn’t what you have; it’s how much you have.
As Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Apply that to your home furnishings. Edit.

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