There’s no need to gild this lily, as the offerings of Lillian August are perfect just as they are.

“My inspiration always comes from my customers. Some of them have a tremendous interest in fashion and trends; some prefer designs influenced by the past, while others focus on comfort. Everything about decorating today is so personalized. I am inspired to provide exactly what our customers want, and my furniture and fabric lines offer something for everyone,” says Lillian August, talented interior designer, visionary, entrepreneur, and mother of three.

Whether you’re hunting for a new sofa, considering a room update or starting your house from the ground up, the company’s design team will tend to every detail, including building your color story from an exquisite rug.

Lillian August rugs

Hence the reason that Lillian August has the most impressive rug and floor covering department you’ll find anywhere. You might say this firm has really “got your floors covered” with an impressive selection of antique Orientals, moderns, handcrafted creations, sisals and beautiful wool carpets.

August has had her finger on the pulse of design for over 25 years. She is not only the face behind her five eponymous furniture stores (one in NYC and four throughout Connecticut), but the proud licensing partner of many successful top manufacturers.

RevitaRUGS Aligns With Lillian August

We too are inspired by our customers, who are invested financially and emotionally in beautiful rugs that they hope will stand the test of time. RevitaRUGS, using only the mildest of organic soaps, filtered soft water, and custom-designed, gentle, computer-controlled machinery, ensures that the rugs we care for are safe, healthy and cleaned perfectly. We have a lifelong commitment to rug restoration and the customers who own them. As evident from the following quotes, they appreciate our efforts:

“I heard about revitaRUGS and was impressed with their commitment to green practices, which they used to fully restore my old stained rug that had been in storage. It now looks and feels like new.”

“We have a very fine and treasured silk background Isfahan rug that our pooch had soiled. Several attempts at professional rug cleaning failed and, in fact, some color bleeding into the white background had occurred. When the revita experts returned the rug to us, it was clean and the bleeding had disappeared!”

“Outstanding service! My rug was very dirty after several moves, storage, a Siberian Husky and a 2-year-old. RevitaRUGS’ customer service was perfect and my rug looks new.”

Ready To Give A Lift To Your Lillian August Rug?

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