INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Heather Higgins, Higgins Design Studio, New York, New York

RevitaRUGS snagged some time with the sought-after Manhattan interior designer to discuss city dwellings, why homes should be retreats, and how an area rug can save a marriage.

RR: So, how does an area rug save a marriage?

HH: I was working with a husband asking for a simple, minimal environment and a wife envisioning colors and patterns.

RR: You worked your magic and…

HH: …gave my clients the best of both worlds: neutral-toned, contemporary, modern-shaped furniture arranged atop colorful Orientals. Both parties ended up happy.

RR: You have thirty years experience and opened your own shop in 1991. What would you say you’re known for style-wise?

HH: The firm has a reputation for clean, elegant details.

RR: What’s your niche?

HH: Busy professionals. I help them create distinctive homes and offices that support and inspire their lives. With such demanding lifestyles, they just don’t have the time or inclination to design their own spaces.

RR: And what kind of spaces do they need your help with?

HH: Many are primary residences for clients, whose lives are in transition, they have become empty-nesters, are retiring or have gotten married and their living requirements have changed. We also design quite a few pied-à-terres for clients who have primary residences elsewhere, but want a “home away from home.”

RR: You mentioned the “crowded nest” phenomenon, which is occurring with some of your clients. They have their children or parents moving in with them to a space not designed to accommodate them. As a result, their spaces need to be modified so they are multi-functional.

HH: In some of those cases, area rugs help define a space subliminally, without having to put up a wall.

RR: You like to use the word “retreat” instead of “home.” What part do area rugs play in your vision?

HH: Since I work with a lot of city dwellers who are surrounded on the street outside by cold, hard surfaces, area rugs add the warmth and texture they crave once they get inside. The current interior design style is less about opulence and fashion. It’s about comfort and ease. Area rugs contribute to that home-as-a-retreat feeling.

RR: Tell us some other reasons you favor area rugs.

HH: Well, they add a focal point of interest in a room; if you have random pieces, an area rug can tie them together; and an area rug has flexibility, it can move with you. In fact, I have a client whose rug is in its third home.

RR: Thanks for your time. Why don’t you leave our readers with the Higgins Design Studio design philosophy?

HH: We feel that the success of an interior’s design is determined by its relevance to the people we are today, how we live, work and whether we feel a personal connection to the space.


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