INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Gary McBournie, Boston, Massachusetts

Talk about a pop of color! With a penchant for painting and an appreciation for the well designed home since he was a child, Gary McBournie has perfected the art of creating interior spaces with an impeccable eye for color – bold ones, as well as sensual textures and graphic possibilities. These are the signature elements of a Gary McBournie Inc. interior, which can best be described as classic American design with a subtle twist on tradition.

Finely attuned to his environment, McBournie develops each interior with a color palette that matches its surrounding exterior, splashing cool and restful hues into a New England cottage, shades of lime and papaya in the tropics, and warm sunset tones for a Montana ski house.



McBournie established his firm in 1993 with a focus on residential design around the globe. This makes perfect sense, since travel always has been his major passion. When not on a job site, he can be found scouting the antique districts in London, rummaging in the flea markets of Paris, or exploring the medieval hilltop villages of Provence — just about anywhere on a map where you can place your finger.

Much to his clients’ delight, this passion translates into his ability to deliver distinctively inspired interiors. Each project, upon which he wields his varied palette with clarity, grace and an artist’s eye for harmony and balance, results in an uplifting environment, finished off with a final layer of art and unique decorative objects, creating a home that is a personal reflection of the owner.


McBournie’s elegant, yet whimsical, interiors are regularly featured in major design publications such as House Beautiful and Traditional Home. A number of his projects as well as several of his own homes have been featured in various design stylebooks; his own was published last year, by Pointed Leaf Press. It’s titled Living Color: A Designer Works Magic With Traditional Interiors — a must-have for anyone looking to be tickled pink by gorgeous, twenty-first-century renditions of the comfortably chic American home.

In 2009, McBournie was inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame.

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