INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Edward Fields Carpet Makers, New York, NY

A field of dreams. That’s how one can describe the showrooms of Edward Fields Carpet Makers located across the country in NY, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. A vanguard of the American design scene for over 70 years, Fields makes customers’ dream floor coverings come true by creating bespoke luxury carpets and rugs. He is renowned for his unparalleled design, quality and craftsmanship.

His rugs are found in architectural landmarks — Edward Fields has been providing custom carpets for the White House since the 1960s — as well as notable private residences across the country. The firm receives custom commissions from designers also working on hospitality and corporate projects.

Edward Fields Rug

Every design progresses through a meticulously managed hand-manufacturing 10-step process:

1. Cleaning The highest quality New Zealand wool is prepared to be spun into yarn.
2. Preparing After the yarn is spun, it is reeled into skeins.
3. Matching A recipe for dyeing is formulated to match a custom or standard color.
4. Dyeing A small dye sample is prepared in the laboratory using the highest-quality dyes from leading European manufacturers.
5. Stenciling The design is artistically mapped onto a template.
6. Punching The design template is perforated.
7. Staining Once attached to the canvas, the template is stained, resulting in a transfer of the design through the punched holes.
8. Tufting The dyed wool is ready to be wound onto small packages.
9. Finishing The carpet is sheared, trimmed and carved by hand to produce a beautiful surface and to highlight design features.
10. Sampling Latex is applied to the back of the carpet to secure the yarn to the canvas.

RevitaRUGS Relates to Edward Fields

Even though we expertly clean every kind of rug, we are not one size fits all. Each rug brought to us is treated for its individual issues and a plan of action is customized to clean and restore it to its original beauty.

Here is our 5-step organic rug cleaning process:

1. Inspection
Each rug is closely evaluated.
Any special requests are noted.
The rug is photographed in detail by a high-resolution digital camera.
A digital microscope is used to ensure its health and identify pollutants.
2. Cleansing
A proprietary dust removal process begins.
Air suction filtration prevents the transfer of any particles.
Water is micro-filtered and softened to laboratory standards.
Our custom computer-controlled wash system automatically adjusts for the rug’s thickness and pile.
Precise pressure is applied by soft, circular brushes across the rug’s entire width.
Simultaneous cleaning and rinsing minimizes excessive exposure to water.
Fringe is hand washed, ensuring a perfect, delicate clean.
3. Drying
90% of the water is removed in minutes.
A pressure-controlled combing device brushes the rug across its entire width.
The rollers move only in the direction of the pile, restoring luster.
The final drying begins in one of our fully enclosed 60-foot drying chambers, constructed with engineered mold-resistant panels, computerized air circulation with humidity and temperature controls, which wicks out remaining moisture quickly and efficiently to eradicate mold, dust mites, bacteria growth, and moth larvae.
4. Restoration
Fringes are re-checked.
Any secondary measures are taken.
When necessary, the rug moves to our expert repair department for evaluation.
Repairs are made to a customer’s exact specifications.
5. Final Inspection
The rug is photographed again and the condition is recorded.
Precision-controlled brushes give the surface a final reconditioning.

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