How To Properly Store Your Wool Rugs

There are many reasons why people need to store their rugs: a big remodeling project perhaps or a move from summer to winter homes. To keep your valuable carpets as pristine when you remove them from storage, as they were when they went in, follow our guidelines:

1. Professionally clean your rugs before putting them away. Moths are attracted to dust and dirt; storing a dirty carpet is very risky and greatly increases the chances of having your wool rug damaged by insect larvae.

2. Wrap your rug in a cotton sheet or any other natural material that will allow it to “breathe.” Plastic material can provide good protection from dust and dirt, but also provides the ideal humid environment for moths to flourish. However, you must make holes at each end of the covering to allow airflow.

3. Throw some tobacco on your rug before rolling it away for long-term storage. (A revitaRUGS secret!) Tobacco is a natural “moth repellent” also used by many fur storage companies. After removing the rug from storage, the tobacco smell will dissipate after you air it out, or have it professionally cleaned, which is a good idea after long-term storage. 

4. Store your rugs in a room with cross-ventilation. Closets are among the worst places to warehouse your wool rug because they provide a dark and stagnant environment where moths thrive.

5. Open and air out your stored rug occasionally and place it an area where it can be exposed to some sunlight and cross-ventilation.

If you ever see any signs of moths or moth damage, take your rug to a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible.

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