How To Clean Viscose Rugs

Viscose has virtually replaced natural silk (produced from silk worms) in many applications. Area rug manufacturers use this less expensive fiber as an alternative way to enhance wool rugs or weave gorgeous 100% silk rugs at a fraction of the price of natural silk. There are other forms of synthetic, silk-like, mercerized cotton, but viscose has more luster and appeal.

However, viscose is moisture absorbent and has moderate resistance to acids and alkalis. You might need to hire a professional service for viscose rug cleaning. The dyes used in the fiber can experience color changes. Even a monotonic, modern, light-colored viscose rug, which is exposed to moisture near bathrooms, entries and kitchens, can absorb that moisture and turn yellowish or discolor. Oriental patterns can develop color run, where darker areas bleed into lighter areas.

Why Traditional Area Rug Cleaners Cannot Clean Viscose

Traditional wool rug cleaning methods do not apply, nor work with this fiber. In fact, they can seriously damage and discolor the rug. New fibers, like viscose, as well as natural fiber rugs, such as sisal, seagrass, jute and hemp, require new technology to properly clean and care for them. Unlike wool, the cellulose-based nature of this fiber will be destroyed if washed by the 19th century methods practiced currently by area rug cleaners.

Topical chemical cleaning methods are also dangerous to your health and ineffective in removing most spots, including pet urine and odor. Steam cleaning is an absolute mistake, as it will damage and immediately discolor the viscose fiber.

Why revitaRUGS Is A “Game Changer”?

At revitaRUGS, research into new textiles and fibers, such as viscose, is at the forefront of our business model. As an industry leader, we anticipate new products, as well as how to properly clean and care for them. Our processes, systems and technology are designed and developed to handle new fibers in the area rug industry; and we are always updating them to meet market demands.

In addition to our proprietary methods for cleaning viscose rugs, our cleaning and rinsing process with soft water, is a key element in protecting the viscose fibers. In the pre-drying stage, the majority of moisture content is removed immediately. The last stage of drying takes place in custom-engineered drying rooms, which have properly conditioned air circulating several times an hour, creating an ideal environment for effective, safe and proper drying of any fiber. Automated temperature, humidity and time controls allow for extra fine silk, viscose, wool and antique tapestries to each be treated accordingly.

Do You Need to Clean Your Viscose Rug?

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