How to Choose the Right Professional Rug Cleaner

An area rug cannot be cleaned properly by a topical steam clean, Chem-dry, or in your house. A carpet cleaning company does not have the knowledge, or the facility to take care of your area rugs. Those who advertise such capabilities on their websites are either false advertisement or have legitimate contracts with your local area rug cleaner. Therefore, you are better off researching your local and national area rug cleaners for your area rug cleaning needs, and dealing with a professional rug cleaning company directly.

What to Look for When Researching Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Most rug cleaners in the US have not caught up with science and technology. It is highly unregulated and does not address the many health issues of our everyday lives with respect to Bacteria, Allergens, Bioaerosols and proper removal or pet stains.

An area rug is a filter; it absorbs all the dust, pollen, bacteria and everything else your AC system circulates while you are spending 90% of your lives indoors. When searching for a doctor, you will spend ample time on the internet, call friends, or get referrals. Your rug and indoor air quality is entwined with your family’s everyday life and health. Please take the time and pay attention to the following:

  • Professional rug cleaning website- If the company has a facility, they will have a website with their process video online. They will have a facility address for you to physically drop off your rug if you wish to do so.
  • Rug cleaner’s facility- They should give you a full tour and what you see must match what they preach in their video. Some marketing gimmicks include re-writing the script or re-making a video and changing their camera shuts so it can match what the competition is describing step by step. It is scary……all done to lure you in.
  • It does not matter how long the rug cleaners have been in business, or if they are a new comer. Try to understand what makes them different. Pay attention to the science and facts; “we are the experts” is not enough. Being an expert without keeping up with the challenges of our 21st century toxic lives will be like a doctor before penicillin era.
  • Do the local rug merchants use them and recommend them? Read the testimonials that have a real name attached to it. Cleaning for movie moguls or some major name does not make the Hollywood star an expert adviser. Do they clean for one of your neighbors? Colleagues? Friends?
  • If you have multiple rugs and not sure about the rug cleaner you found, start with one rug. What better testimonial than your own experience?

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