Green Rug Cleaning – The Benefits of Using Softened Water & Organic Soaps

The term “Green”, organic and eco-friendly is used commonly in recent years. If you are an environmentalist, an architect, a builder, a farmer, a nutritionist or, even a politician; these terms have become a part of your vocabulary. However, in every one of these professions and many more like it, these words or terms have a meaning and definition of their own.

To a farmer, an organic crop is the way he cares and produces fruits and/or vegetables without the use of chemical pesticides. What about his water source? Is it pesticide free? Does he have control over the farm next door, and what their aerial spraying of crops along with winds brings and exposes to his crops? Is there a written government regulation for all of this organic farming and does it get monitored for quality control? I think you get my point.

On the other hand, there are many scientific facts, rules and established regulations which are available and apply for other fields and professions. For example, the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design); which architects, designers and builders can follow to build “Green and Eco-Friendly” homes.

Rug Cleaning Is a Highly Unregulated Industry

Rug cleaning is a highly unregulated industry and tends to be in the dark ages with very little attention placed on public health issues. Almost every one of them advertises the new EPA guide line of the health hazards due to dust, dust mites, and indoor allergens. They encourage the consumer to wash their rugs and solicit for business. However, they fail to explicitly describe what steps have been taken to improve their own methods.

Green rug cleaning or organic rug cleaning can be defined scientifically via the following: The water, the soap, the process, and absence of chemicals in the wash process.

How Green Rug Cleaning Works

At revitaRUGS water is purified via a filtration system to remove all excess minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lime, chlorine and other solutes. This purified soft water then allows for a better cleaning and less use of any detergent (revitaRUGS has chosen organic soaps). It also aides in the removal of previously embedded crystalized salts (soap scum), makes colors more vibrant and naturally softens the rug.

Through a patent pending primary stage drying system, 90% of water is removed within minutes. The rug after a thorough inspection enters a computerized brushing machine, automatically adjusted for the pile height to gently comb each rug in the direction of its pile. This organic rug cleaning process uniformly restores the luster and natural direction of the rug pile to its original state. The rug is then transferred to a fully enclosed environmentally regulated chamber; engineered with de-humidification and temperature control, dust free walls, and filter-circulated air. In these controlled enclosures, low humidity and air circulation wicks out remaining moisture quickly and efficiently.

RevitaRUGS – Your Perfect Solution for Area Rug Cleaning

RevitaRUGS is a perfect solution to cleaning any type of area rug.  Now, you can keep your home healthy for your children, as well as protect your valuable heirlooms. Please visit the website for a comprehensive video of our processes and contact our staff for any questions.